Media center guide not updating


Then schedule a start and stop time for downloading updates.

It’s annoying having WMC downloading updates if you’re working online and have a slower connection.

The DVBLink software has an elaborate guide setup process which is why I am guessing there was an error message on that system when this issue was in effect (and not on the other). The guide data on both systems currently extends to March 31st. Allowing me to archive any recordings I want on my server (automatically or manually) and access them from any computer I want.

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However, the guide is actually being downloaded and since I have another dedicated Media Center system with a different configuration and a guide that also ends on the 21st I'm starting to think the problem might not be on my end,...... I can't do that with Cable Card or at least not indiscriminately.

Turns out I also was unable to d/l microsoft updates to my computer.

After much searching around and with the help of my son, I discovered that my BITS was no where to be found.

Sorry if this has been posted before, I've searched on various forums and have had mixed results from years of this similar problem arising on XP and Vista as well.

My Media Center no longer updates the program guide, making media center essentially useless.

Other than reloading the entire Win7 Home Prem, which some say works and others say doesn't, any ideas on this?

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