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But it's a stolen car caught on CCTV that ultimately leads investigators to the killer. Detectives turn to the public for information on her mysterious disappearance.

A tip leads investigators to surveillance footage from a hotel where they uncover a journey of duplicity and deception.

Retired homicide detective Louis Souza speaks out on his experience with the case.A young woman is found floating in a river off Merritt Island, east of Orlando, Florida.And as the circumstantial evidence piles up, the shifting story of one suspects' timeline ultimately becomes the smoking gun.While alone in her office late at night, successful Baton Rouge defense attorney Chiquita Tate is brutally murdered.Police quickly zero in on a prime suspect until a twisted conspiracy from Chiquita's past comes to light.Suspicion falls on an online date until her husband turns up unexpectedly with his face scratched.

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