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There’s no technical difference between the Active and Classic versions aside from the colour, but whichever one you go for, they all look wonderful.I was sent the basic Classic with black leather strap for this review, but even this cheapest version looks stunning, and as a bonus it’s extremely comfortable to wear as well.This gets the watch from zero to 100% in just over an hour.There’s also a barometer, which is used by the Huawei activity-tracking app to gauge how many stairs you’ve walked up and down in a day.When it comes to responsiveness, it’s butter smooth most of the time, with the odd slight stutter and hiccup.Again, it’s no different to any other Android Wear device in this respect, and the stutters certainly don’t get in the way of usability. Despite a comparatively small 300m Ah power pack – the same as the smaller Moto 360 2 – it lasted almost two days, with the Always-on screen option activated and the brightness set to maximum during the day and minimum during the evening.I still found myself charging the watch most nights, just for peace of mind, but if you forget, it’ll get you through two working days.The one thing that might give you cause for concern is the price.

More importantly, it comes with 4G, GPS and NFC support – which makes it more of a solution when you want to go out without your phone. If you don't value these things, then the original watch is well worth a look.

For reference, most other Android Wear devices have 320 x 320 screens.

The recent refresh of the Motorola Moto 360 improved things, but not by much, moving up to 360 x 330.

These range in price from a base of £229 on Amazon UK inc VAT (on Amazon US it's frm 0 for the black leather) for the Classic with a standard black leather strap, up to £389 for the Active version with a black-plated stainless steel link strap.

There’s even a rose-gold version (for anyone who’s had a taste bypass).

Whether you think it’s worth it will depend on your perspective, and your platform.

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