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but the danger associated with meeting people from the Internet still exists.

These days, online dating is more popular than ever. D., ABPP has six tips you should keep in mind to avoid a dangerous situation when you are meeting new people.

If you order any type of beverage (virgin or alcoholic), never leave the drink unattended.

Take it with you so there is no chance that someone can put any substances (such as the date rape drug; Rohyphenol, better known as a roofie) in your drink, rendering you inebriated, incoherent, or unconscious.

Once The Intention had learned of how Alice had made contact with Jack Vessalius in the 1st Dimension, she immediately rushed to retrieve the final fragment of Lacie's existence - which she'd kept safe from the darkness of the Abyss.

Although the darkness of the Abyss was still vying for Lacie's soul and was even attempting to devour what remained once again, The Intention revealed to Oz that the fragment of Lacie that she'd saved contained Lacie's thoughts and feelings toward Jack, and that she just knew Lacie would've wanted Jack to know how she'd felt.

Related: Dating Apps Versus the Rules of Attraction It is important that you have your wits about you and are in control of the situation.

Oz was later awoken when Lacie was dragged into the lowest level of the Abyss by the Chains of Condemnation to have her existence torn apart for her sins of being a Child of Ill Omen.

While there are lots of different dating sites and apps to choose from it's important to stay safe before you put yourself out there. Find out as much as possible about the person you are talking to online before you meet up.

Look them up on other social media platforms to find as much information as possible and catch any potential red flags.

She joked she could have fit into a size 4 if she hadn’t eaten chinese the night before. Alley said the best place to meet men is at the grocery store.

Alley told the women to be funny and fun and make jokes with handsome men at the grocery store.

She also mentioned to the women that they should look into the men’s carts as well, to get a sense of the men.

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