Pros and cons of dating a friend


If you’ve weighed the positives and negatives and are still very keen to date this guy, avoid a dramatic fallout by being completely upfront with your friend. “Talking to her about it means you can learn how she feels about it and nut out any concerns then and there,” says Isiah. Put yourself in your mate’s shoes – how would you feel is she started dating damage your friendship. It’d be awkward for her if you became a couple, but on the other hand, it’d totally suck if you lost a shot at finding love. Wanting to date one of your friends’ exes can be extremely shaky (sisterhood) ground.Male best friends are usually the coolest brothers you will ever have. ' There are times when the boundaries get all messed up and either one of you will be at the losing end.Making a decision on whether or not you should do something, even to recognize that confusing feeling is very daunting.

After all, no one ever wants to deal with rejection.

No one ever wants to lose a best friend, if it can be helped.

While it totally works for some couples, it is not always the same with others.

Breaching this line is like wrecking havoc instead of finding inner peace.

There are better chances that your best friend will not appreciate being a replacement. It would spare you tons of disappointment if you would know the worth of your friendship. You have got to prepare for the worst-case scenario all the time.

Remember, not everyone will be happy with your choice – even if your friend is, so commit to the decision you’ve made and be prepared for all kinds of reactions.

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