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Both major political parties have also re-committed to continuing the religious programs in public schools Having apparently learned nothing from George W.

Bush (despite all his criticism of the Iraq War on the campaign trail), Donald Trump literally tweets out "mission accomplished" after bombing Syria.

when she promptly roasted the entire crowd (not unlike Stephen Colbert at the 2006 Correspondents' Dinner).

A right-wing Indian politician has claimed that Indians invented satellites and the internet in ancient times and used them to receive live updates on the Kurukshetra War (traditionally dated to around 3000 BCE). The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that provinces can put up non-tariff barriers like restrictions between inter-provincial trade.

and if you like them, well, romance can take it\'s course. This ruling came about after a New Brunswick man went over his allowance of liquor that he imported from Qu├ębec.In West Virginia a police officer was fired for assessing the situation and trying to talk down a black suspect instead of just shooting him. Several chatrooms to choose from: Teen chat, sports, chat for older folks, video chat and more. I am having visions of "Hal, get back in the ship, Hal" from the movie 2001 (and why aren't we visiting other planets, yet). Quick free download has you meeting new people in minutes. I am chatting with an AI (artificial intelligence) ... More Health Chat Girls Flirt Free Yes, it is a girls chat free chatline, 24/7.

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