The dating game tagline


He attributes the “man deficit” to a number of factors.

Facebook launched more than a new i Phone app this evening – they also have a new home page (the page you see when you aren’t logged in) and a new tagline.

That’s why we’re pleased to inform you that, after 18 months of intensive study and millions of dollars to outside consultants, you are now officially “Forged By The Sea.”“The Navy is now recruiting young men and women of the Centennial Generation, who have different goals, expectations and information-gathering habits than their Millennial predecessors,” Rear Adm.“It doesn’t actually matter if our users are straight or fall under one of the 13 sexual orientation options.Our ecosystem cares that we have a great experience for so many communities, and that’s partly what this image symbolizes.”Hobley adds: “I also love the political executions because it speaks to how Ok Cupid is one of the only places where folks can connect on politics and the issues that matter to them.Like a half a billion dollars — which sounds like a lot, but that’s barely one-fourth of the cost of a guided missile destroyer, and : We have to keep reinventing ourselves for the kids.“What we found was that there was nearly 100 percent awareness of the Navy, but zero percent understanding of the Navy’s full mission, reach and influence,” a Y&R managing director said in the Navy’s press release.The campaign marks the latest attack on dating culture, which has come to seem dehumanized in the binary, swipe-left-or-right age of Tinder.

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