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of Newark NJ is purchased 1914 Stanley purchases Canada Steel Goods Co. 1916 Stanley purchases The Eagle Square Co of South Shaftsbury VT. 1944 Stanley purchases the Russell Jennings Manufacturing Co, of Chester CT. 1965 Stanley Australia manufactured planes from 1965 to the 1990s in Moonah, Tasmania (ref 1966 Stanley Works acquired Vidmar Cabinets.1918 Stanley purchases The Crescent Works, a hinge manufacturing plant in Japan. 1946 Stanley Works acquired North Brothers Manufacturing Company. 1968 Stanley bench plane castings are now painted in the short lived and attractive red brown “Cordovan” color.

She struck out 42 batters to bring her ODAC-leading total to 166.

1857 Henry Stanley starts The Stanley Rule & Level Company. 1869 Stanley purchases Leonard Bailey patents and machinery. 1869 Hart invents the telescoping box 1870 STANLEY began manufacturing screwdrivers. 1884 The #45 combination plane is introduced 1880 Stanley Rule & Level Company purchased the Bailey Wringing Machine Co. Bridges & Co, LTD of Londan 1960 Stanley bench plane castings are now painted Blue.

Stanley establishes Stanley’s Bolt Manufactory 1852 Stanley Works is incorporated (a bolt and door hardware manufacturing company) 1854 STANLEY begins to manufacture boxwood rules. 1869 Stanley Purchased Bailey, Chaney and Company and acquired the right to manufacture tools under Bailey’s patents. (August 2nd, 1883 at the age of 80, ten days short of his 81st birthday) 1884 William H. 1884 Stanley purchases the Reed& Prince tack Manufacturing Co.

2008 In June, Stanley announced the acquisition of Sonitrol, which provides security systems that use audio listening devices as the primary means of intrusion detection.

Stanley also acquired Xmark Corporation, which provides radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions in healthcare environments.

The Yellow Jackets have not won seven straight outings....

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