Twitter not updating on iphone


To do so, open Settings → General → Date & Time and toggle the switch on Set Automatically to ON. You’ll have to try a variety of methods to get i Message working again.

If above tips have failed to get your job done, try out the following solutions. You should see your number and an associated Apple ID listed in this list. These would include: The old version of i OS might be the culprit behind this mess.

Is i Message not working on your i Phone in i OS 11, i OS 10, i OS 9 or i OS 8?

Don’t stress out as it’s the sort of issue that many of us have encountered from time to time. So, what could be the reason behind “i Message not working on i Phone issue?

A bit more risky, but you can also sign up to participate in the public beta program and jump to beta versions of i OS.

For some users, they may discover cellular data was turned off, or that cellular data was turned off for specific apps.Be sure to update i OS 9 to the latest version available.If you’re on i OS 9, that means updating to i OS 9.0.1.When the i Phone reboots to the latest version, the cellular data should work just fine.If not, continue on with the troubleshooting steps below.This is really only appropriate for more advanced users, but making a jump to i OS 9.1 beta may resolve the issue, assuming you can tolerate the beta experience.

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