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The ‘marriage’ was secret when it happened and was not found out for a while.

Sonny and Cher welcomed their one and only child in 1972, a daughter they named Chastity.

Sonny stated, “we never had a good physical relationship.” and added, “I can’t blame it on her. Maybe I was the biggest pain because I’m a real physical person.” Audiences would have never guessed since the couple had wonderful chemistry on-screen.

Cher’s 1989 hit song If I Could Turn Back Time produced a video where Cher is singing to a group of sailors wearing an extremely revealing outfit.

While their wedding was not legal due to the fact that there were no witnesses (at all! Cher was 18 years old and completely in love with Sonny.

The couple exchanged vows and rings that were engraved with each others names on them.

It is slightly ironic that Cher would play a bicurious woman in the film that she named her daughter after since her daughter would grow up to have gender identity issues.

Surprisingly enough, Cher and Sonny had a terrible behind the scene (and bedroom door) physical relationship.

The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour was nominated for several Emmy Awards. He was working for Phil Spector, a record producer.Cher wanted to get her chance in the limelight and knew that by getting closer to Spector she could have her chance.When Sonny offered her a position as his housekeeper, she jumped at the chance.Cher, also known as the Goddess of Pop, has graced our eyes and ears since she was one half of the folk rock duo Sonny & Cher.Cher transitioned from music to television and later to film, showing us that she is the definition of a triple threat.Her television appearances as herself way outnumber her film roles but her time in front of the big screen made her the revered actress that she is today.

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