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“If you’re going to marry me, you’re going to meet me halfway,” Chad says. Jennifer’s opinion about Chad seems to be the source of Evelyn’s rage. But Royce could not escape the reality TV curse on relationships. Just hours after the show aired the mother of Dezmon’s child, Christina Nero, went on a tweeting spree outing Royce’s boyfriend as a cheater. “So we’re going on another girls’ trip,” Suzie says. “It’s more important for me to be focused on my career versus going on a girls’ trip . It sounds like Chad has been rehearsing his lines in the park with Royce. “We have a basketball team now,” Chad says referring to their combined number of children. I feel like I’m watching a horrible episode of “Good Times” and Chad is filling in for the role of Sweet Daddy Williams. “No, because everybody is already full,” Chad says. I guess this is what it sounds like when doves cry. Tami spins Dezmon around and checks out his behind. “Once you go old you’ll never be cold.” “I heard,” Dezmon says while looking at Royce. Power 105 1’s “The Breakfast Club” Interviews Basketball Wives Royce Reid.She discusses the gag order Dwight Howard has on her, she discusses her new relationship with her Tampa Bay Buccaneer boyfriend and letting him take pics with her son in the bed after only 6 months, talks about her ex fiance not wanting to marry her, and why she doesn’t get along with Evelyn and Shaunie O Neal and is she an industry hoe.

They go in what looks like a department store dressing room. Nero posted several screen shots of a texts received from Dezmon:“Well I miss that too.. I wanna bend u over and spread yo azz cheekz arch your back and give you”“What would u say if I wanted to have sex with you again”Royce wasn’t buying it calling Christina a fraud.“u dummy u changed the date & the number! “Jennifer, after this fight, still feels the need to talk,” Evelyn says. She’s dead to me.” First of all, Jennifer did deal with it then. So now it’s you who has to deal with it, Baldheaded Nia. My cat looks exactly like that when she’s giving herself a bath, but she has more rhythm. “This [expletive] went on a [expletive] media frenzy about this [expletive].” According to Evelyn’s logic, Jennifer, after being slapped by some baldheaded lunatic, was only supposed to sit there, not move and not make a sound. Secondly, it’s so difficult to understand Evelyn and Nia, because their grammar is atrocious. “I’m 36, I’m mature, I have an 18-year-old daughter,” she says. Monday night’s episode of Basketball Wives saw Royce Reed share her highly affectionate relationship with boyfriend Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver Dez Briscoe with the world. I’m just shocked she actually got friends sendin her texts or changing ish! ”In another twist Royce published text she sent to Dezmon asking if he ever cheated on her. Of course his response was no or “Hell no…never touched her” (Christina Nero with her and Dez’s son Jr.)To end things Royce tweeted a collage of pictures with her heart along with this lengthy message, I told u last night on DM tht we are adults & u r sounding bitter & out of respect 4 u & his son to stop the defamation..

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